On The VERGE: A 5 week guide to Self-Actualization
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  Week 1 - Why Vulnerability?
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  Week 2 - What Experiences?
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  Week 3 - Which Relationships?
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  Week 4 - Gratitude, How?
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  Week 5 - Evaluation, When?
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Are you on the VERGE of...

getting a promotion? repairing a relationship? learning a new skillset? starting the business? being a leader in equity and inclusion? opening your online store? settling down with a partner?


Self-actualization is the fulfillment of your gift(s) which comes from within you. This can be one or many talents but it is about understanding how to step into your gift(s), confidently.

I invite you into how I have consistently reached great successes through introspection, discipline, and empathy. The resources, in this eCourse, will challenge you to operate from your highest self and making better choices that will stem from practicing:

The Intentional 5

You will use these 5 values as a guide when entering the work place, conducting business, and in all areas of your personal life.

A glance at what you will learn!

In this 5-week eCourse each lecture will be dedicated to one of the five principles below.

Each week I share just enough content for easy implementation right away. Each task is designed to break you out of your comfort for greater healing and personal growth.

V-vulnerability - You will learn about 3 stages of fear and have a better understanding of the value associated with pushing past those fears you have.

E-experiences - You will view your experiences accurately by focusing on the areas that remind you of your brilliance and highest self.

R-relationships - You will learn about long term and short term relationships and how to manage them responsibly.

G-gratitude - You will learn how to raise your perspective by the practice of being grateful.

E-evaluation - You will learn the importance of frequently assessing your situations without judging yourself or others.

Many influencers and motivational speakers you know use - THE INTENTIONAL 5 - to shatter ceilings and live in purpose!


You need more than a how-to-guide with step-by-step learnings on how to grow your business.

"What will it profit you if you gain the whole world but lose your soul?"

This quote from Mark 8:36 that I paraphrased is telling of what comes first; the inner man. A greater understanding of who you are and what makes you tick. Figuring out YOU is the source to understanding how you contribute to the world, whether it pertains to making money (business), expressing love (relationships), or making choices (faith).

What is fueling you?

I have had thousands of dollars and also had very little. Whether I had pockets full of money or two nickels nothing seemed to matter more than being the highest version of myself which included joy, hope, and treating people how they should be treated; with care and respect.

The Intentional 5 will serve as your guide to peace!

The Intentional 5: VERGE will help you look inward when deciding to take the promotion at a job or removing yourself from a relationship that no longer serves you.

As humans, we fear our brilliance never believing that we truly have control over how we see our world.

In this eCourse, you will see the world accurately, how it was intended to be viewed through the lens of your highest self.

You will learn to be more consistent with the fruitful parts of your life which will reveal why you are individually so important to the collective; the world you are surrounded by.

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"I came to you when I was broken and you fixed me. It was a great time of need and you were there. Thank you."

-Samantha R.


"O.B. teaches what he preaches. He is an upstanding brother!"

- Anton W.


"I knew that I wasn’t going to be judged and you gave me the confidence despite my short comings."

-Manny K (Confidence The Poet)