Transcript: Are you on the verge? What are you on the verge of? When you are on the verge. This means that you are close to something.

You are close to a breakthrough, heading in a particular direction. We are always on the verge of something, whether it be a blessing, a promotion, losing yourself, or finding yourself.

The thing about being on the verge of something is that we usually need a push to fully enter that thing.

This takes other people giving us a push, other times it means that we need to push ourselves. this course is for anyone who is on the edge of making the improvements to their life, that needs that little push to get them through The next five weeks will center around the intentional five verge.

My hope is that you will be on the verge of something that amazes and shocks you and then fully jumping into those findings for self discovery

by the end of the five weeks that we're here together, when creating this course for you, I had in mind people being on the verge of self-actualization seeing many people being very, very close to fully understanding their life by believing in who they are, when vibrating at their highest levels.

What I saw can be achieved by having a better understanding of the five guiding principles. They will serve as a reminder of how important it is for you to show up at your highest self and then take action.

We are on the verge of healing. We are on the verge of removing judgments. We are on the verge of learning.

We are on the VERGE of building connections. We are on the VERGE of loving, fully. We are on the verge of finding peace.

We are on the verge of producing more joy. The final push into these beautiful spaces will always be your decision.

The intentional five will give you the space to choose wisely and efficiently. now the acronym verge for the intentional five represents vulnerability, experiences, relationships, gratitude, and evaluation.

the five guiding principles that I just shared come from my book, the intentional five confessions of a disciplined thought. If you haven't purchased my book yet, you can do [email protected].

These principles are used as a guide to enhance your intent behind choices, leading to greater success in your personal life, and also in your work life too.

Each principle works within you when applied as a collective, realizing that each part of the intentional five is a necessary practice for holistic healing, ensure that when you look at these intentional five, do not look at them independently.

As standalone principles, So these five work together in order to help you elevate to the place where you're making better decisions, you're being more thoughtful about your decisions.

You're being more thoughtful about others that are surrounding you, and also about improving who you are as an individual. Vulnerability is the choice to extend yourself uncomfortably

In order to reach a greater outcome. Experiences is the choice to focus on experiences in your life that reminds you of your highest self. relationships, the choice to approach each person as if you were waiting to see them all week Gratitude, the choice to be ready and thankful for what the next day will bring before you even go to sleep and Evaluation the choice to assess yourself in every moment, without judgment towards yourself, or judgment against others, the framework that I'll provide to you guys is going to help you it's meant to be used before you finished the course, just anytime you feel like you're met with a So for vulnerability, the worksheet will support when needing to break cycles and getting out of your comfort zone.

Uh, I have an experienced worksheet. This will support when needing clarity of your self worth and past ideologies also have a relationships worksheet which will support any need to repair relationship.

The gratitude worksheet will support the need to show more gratitude, finding the time to slow down and give thanks. and lastly, the evaluation worksheet, which was support when you need to reflect on a situation.

these worksheets, you can download and fill them out, read through them. So you get a better understanding of how it can support any challenges you're going These are not self practices, weekly assignments that I'll be collecting, but at the same time, they're available to you to use whenever you'd like at your own disposal, And if it has helped you send me an email, let me know how it's worked for you.

If there's anything that you need modified, and we can work on that.

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