Introduction - The Truth About You

Have you taken the time to really fish out the truth about who you are? The things you like, the things you don't like, things that your insecure about, things that you fear, things that make you feel successful. During our self practice assignments and questionnaires we will be touching on ways to support each and everyone of you guys individually but we can't talk about vulnerability if we don’t talk about fear.

Fear is an unpleasant emotion or thought you have when you are frightened or worried; the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

As you hear those words that I put an emphasis on, it doesn't mean that it's definitely going to happen but it’s the feeling, the belief, the likelihood of something occurring and that's why we shift and fall back into fear

Fear can create many other emotions that only mask the underlying issue that we are faced within that moment. A few emotions fear can create is pride, hate, anger, cowardice, courage indifference, anxiety, joy, and excitement. I know you may be wondering why I used positive emotions but fear can push us to do more positive things as it could be our saving grace as we may have a situation that we are in that is more of like a survival mode situation but more likely fear becomes a recipe for stagnation and restraint as it is usually the catalyst for sameness. When we choose to remain the same, we are choosing to restrict ourselves from growth, from meeting other people, from showing up without barriers. We will touch on a few different aspects of fear and how it currently may motivate your level of vulnerability.

We'll have suggested reading as we'll have a section from chapter 22 of my book that goes a little bit more deeper about fear and ways that it can be crippling. 

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